How do guys move on so fast?

So I was dating this guy for 9 months on and off the first time I told him I wanted a committed relationship and he agreed stating he didn't want to lose me... A week later he breaks up with me and says he likes his space and wants to be alone but then I go to his Facebook and I see a girl leaving emojis we don't talk for a month then I hit him up and we hook up but then he goes cold and starts talking to the girl who left post on his page and tells me he just doesn't see a future with me... So fast forward 2 months we start talking again and I tell him again he has to commit to me and he does for 3 months even told me he wanted kids with me but then he tells me once again I still don't see myself with u and I want to be alone and once again I go to his Facebook page and he already serious with someone else and I'm just like how can a person just move on so quickly or was he always keeping his options open and he also said he wants to be friends which we do still talk but I'm like is he worth a friendship or just keeping his options open


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  • So what exactly have you learned from this?

    This dude wasn't moving fast. Clearly from this story, this dude doesn't have any real feelings for you and only using your own emotions against you (i. e., he's saying shit that you like to hear, but he never follows through with them when you're yesterday's flavor).

    Next time, he contacts you, hit that ignore or redirect to voicemail. Don't be that 2nd option when his relationships goes to shit and returns back to you... smh

    • You are so right... He did tell me he wasn't shit and I deserve better since I'm a great woman...

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    • Thanks! 😊

    • No problem u deserve it!

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  • Because it's illogical and only hurts yourself not to.

    • Hmm please elaborate... If u may

    • People should learn from the past but leave it in the past. It's illogical to allow something that has already happened and that you cannot change hinder your furtire. Why possibly miss out on a great experience with a new person because you're mourning someone who mistreated you?

      Despite how so many people on here--and really out there in the real world--generalize the behavior of one or two or three people to an entire sex or race or even all humans, everyone is an individual. Just because one or two or three people thought a certain way about you or behaved a certain way toward you, the overwhelming odds are the next one won't.

      Holding onto the past only causes problems in the future. Learn whatever lessons you can and start fresh with the next one.

  • Very few parents know, or love their boys enough to tell them about the truth of love. Most young men are forced to go about procuring a mate by their own desires, and unless there is divine intervention, this usually leads to a fairly shallow, sex based relationship.

    The sad truth: He never really loved you. Not really. Not like YOU want to be loved. I see so many women, pouring their hearts, souls, and emotions into unworthy men, who only end up leaving them. That is a woman's curse, she loves too much. A man's curse, he does not love enough, and not until it is too late.

    There are men who will love you with all of their being, as the Bible says, we are to love our wives as Jesus loved the church, and died for the church (To save us). THAT is some love. A few find it. Most don't. Are you willing to wait? Are you willing to be celibate until the day of your honeymoon (And not a second before?)

    • the sad reality of this curse is that often a woman will only love a man who is so above her in value that she is unlikely to be good enough to keep him from seeing other women, since such a man would have plenty of options. both genders are at a fault since usually its the most beautiful people with the most options who are incapable of loving one person and be faithful. The most attractive men are not going to pass up all the easy sex available unless it is a extremely good looking woman, and even then its often not enough. And the most attractive women usually are looking for a man with lots of wealth and status, so in that case its not really about love either, most golddiggers are usually very attractive women.

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    • @alphadoggystyle well actually he told me I was too good for him and he was probably the dumbest person on earth and he would probably later on regret his decision and he always told me I had more going on for myself than he did however I thought we were about equal and the girl he is with now does not look better or in a better position than I or he...

    • He may have been intimidated by you...

  • The other way around. Guys act ok first week and ususally go back and females it's hard then easy after a month

  • Guys move on so fast? 4 years and I'm still not over my ex

  • We're just good at hiding our feelings.

    • Good at hiding or lying?

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    • dont blame him for your ineptitude to realize this dude only came back to you because he was in a dry spell with other women, and you were gullible to eat it up like a cat in front of milk

    • @Helpmeplease44 don't blame him at all... Did believe him which is on me... Just trying to get clarity as to why though

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  • He was never that interested


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