My Boyfriend of 2 Years is Deciding We'd be Better as Friends?

Basically what the title states, we've been together for over two years, been through countless jobs, an apartment and a semirecent miscarriage. We got into a fight tonight and he's Deciding we are two totally different people and we don't work as a couple... I'm heartbroken, as I have given him all I have to offer. I kept house, I cooked for him, I took good care of him and all of his needs, and it is now that we've moved home to our respective family households that we don't work... but should stay friends. What do I do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • don't trust so easily in your life, life is a teacher and perhaps in order to be happy, people need to go trought bad things.

  • Let him go. Grieve, heal and find someone else


What Girls Said 1

  • Let me just start with how sorry I am. I don't have enough information to go from, however, I gather you two were fight-free and pretty happy seeming? If he had never discussed this until now and hadn't dropped hints of a breakup then he sounds like a coward.

    People that have been in an invested and caring relationship don't just drop the breakup bomb on you as a first solution to a fight, only cowards do. Normally, healthy relationships can work through whatever is thrown their way.

    If he is indeed a coward and this came as a total shock to you then I say it's time to cut your losses and focus on yourself. (I'm currently in pretty much the exact same situation right now, only we agreed to give it another chance. I'm still broken hearted though.)


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