How do we get the spark back?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 4 months, but after we had sex for the first time( we were both virgins) things changed between us. We became more like friends with benefits instead of the way we were. How can we go back to the way we were?


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  • The answer is kind of plain here, stop making the relationship about sex. If you having sex more than building a relationship, or at least trying to, you need to cut back on the sex. This not to say you shouldn't have sex at all, but when you do, try to make it spark romantically. There is a big difference between "making love" to someone, than there is of just doing it because your are horny.

    • We only had sex once and things kinda changed after that, between both of us.

    • The term "friends with benefits" implies that you are having sex without there being any real relationship, excuse me if I'm wrong. Anyway, no biggie, a misunderstanding.

      In that case I'd agree with the poster above me. Have a talk with him to see how he feels about it.

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  • its like the day after christmas? the anticipation leading up to the sex was enjoyable and exciting..but now that part is over. time to look at the more important stuff and see how that shakes out. there's no going back to before.. but maybe good things in the future

  • Talk to him about it and say what's on your mind or he'll never know anything is wrong.


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