How can someone's feelings change so much?

From asking you to spend your life with them to wanting to break up?


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  • I think many people don't rationalise their feelings before speaking them out loud. Emotions can fluctuate a lot, simply because of the way they are influenced by your body itself. If you don't sit and think 'where does this emotion come from' and stuff like that, then you may find yourself deceived by your emotions.



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  • hey don't be too down about it. if he's a jerk, forget him. find a new and better guy. love yourself and move on. guys say things to make us happy all the time, in reality, they're probably the biggest liar of all. the things they do that they hide from us, the things they do to hurt us. I've learnt to filter assholes out at this point. I made some mistakes but you learn and you go forward. nothing wrong with that. like I said, don't look at words, look at actions.

  • We don't know much about your story but there are so many things that can happen, especially over a certain length of time like a month or a few months or so.

    Someone may very well have the intention of spending their life with you, and once they are faced with the reality of it, it freaks them out. It has nothing to do with you. All of a sudden they are going from the idea that they date and date and eventually settle down to all of a sudden being with the only person they are going to be with the rest of their lives- and THAT is scary for anyone- even someone who is legitimately ready for marriage. Sometimes you think you are ready and you really arent, or you are ready but it can still be scary.


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