I am 17 year old. My boyfriend trusts his friends more than me !! What can I do?

My boyfriend and i are in relationship fro 2 months. In the course of 2 months, so many things happened that raised trust issue. But we always solved it and made no one comes in between us. recently, my boyfriend's friend started to tease him by saying " I told someone that i miss my boyfriend". My boyfriend is very popular and i am the opposite. We wanted a lowkey relationship. I was maintaining it very well. There few incidents where people saw us together and rumours spread. He managed it. But the recent teasing made him to think i spread some bullshits about him and in the end he wants break up. I always tell him if i spoke to anyone about him. I always inform him.

Now he wants break up. but i love him so much, What can i do? I really love him so much.


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  • I would move on but ask him to look at it from your side what would you gain if you made rummors. THATS right absolutely nothing just point out to him that him getting called bullshit stories just makes both of you look like idiots but if he's really wants to break up then tell him you're willing to walk away. If what your saying is true its best to just move on and let him realize its his own stupid old friends that destroyed your relationship.


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  • '' If I spoke to anyone about him. I always inform him.''

    Do you really want to be with a guy who is embarrassed of you? Who won't act affectionate, take your hand, kiss you in public?

    I don't think so.

    • He kisses me and holds my hands in public just not in school.

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    • Nothing you can do really except tell your boyfriend it wasn't you. Question your boyfriend, ask him how your bf's friend heard what he's lying about.

      The little lying shit probably didn't think too hard, so if he says a person who isn't in on the lie then your boyfriend will know you're telling the truth.

    • Yeah , that's what i'm doing saying it was not me. I asked him and i am waiting for his reply. furthermore i will meet in bus and today is the last day.. after that he won't come in bus anymore.. what shoulld i do? Should i need to speak to him? Please help me.

  • trust is built over time bro. or extremely great acts hahaa.

  • Well you only known him for 2 month how much trust do you expect? I mean he probably has known his friends a lot longer than he has known you so they deserve more trust. That being said I honestly trust guys a lot more than women anyway. I mean most guys, especially your friends, know when to keep their mouths shut. While girl like to gossip and can be bit of back stabbers. Not going to lie tho the fact that he doesn't want people to know about you two and thinking about breaking up with you because people are finding out is almost a clear sign that he doesn't care about you and is just using you. You're probably better off without him. Good luck.

    • Not all girls like to gossipa and i know him for 5 months. How cani be better when i love him so much

    • Not all gossip but most do and compared to guys it is a big difference. 5 months is not a long time to build trust. Like it usually takes a few years at least or going through a lot together. It may not seem like for the better now since you love him so much and is going to hurt not being with him. But from what you said I honestly don't think he loves you at all and is honestly just using you. I mean if he did why wouldn't he want to know that and that you are his girlfriend. Like I would say 99% chance he is just using you, especially if you two are having sex. It will be better in the long run tho. I mean if he doesn't care for you, you two are just going to break up eventually. Just better for it to happen before your feeling for him get stronger and you have wasted more time together. I mean do you really want to be with someone who doesn't love you back.

    • thanks for making me realize.. that bastard is saying that i should be happy he is my friend and i said fuck off.

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  • Break up the relationship sounds doomed


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