Why do guys do this?

After a 3 year relationship, my ex-boyfriend is treating me like a total asshole. I mean he is making our relationship sound like it was really bad when it wasn't at all. He is saying that I made him so unhappy yet he cheated on me. He brought his ex-girlfriend into our relationship because he still had feelings for her...If our relationship was bad it was his fault.

After we first broke up 4 months ago, he didn't treat me quite like this. He was nice to me and as time went on people were talking to him about me, but he started being a total jerk...WHY? it doesn't make any sense some one explain it please...


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  • He is being a jerk now, because he was annoyed, like I mentioned in your other question... When you were pushing for a relationship so strongly, especially during a downward-spiral of the relationship (Where he felt upset about the situation).

    After being annoyed, and you pushed for a relaitonship; he closed that chapter of his life and is starting to distance himself because he is moving on; yet you are still pushing forward because you do care about him... With that being said, he is being a "jerk" because he doesn't care about you, like you do about him.

    Again, refer to the other questions you've asked to piece together all of the information, I don't want to sound like a broken record. Thanks :)

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • He is a child move on. Obviously this ex of his has filled his head with a bunch of things and his self esteem is boosted now. So he is being a jack ass now because he figures his ex will be there for him like a back up plan. He's a tool,you need to act like he's lucky to even be in your presence. Be un-attainable,act uninterested and give him some of his own medicine. Even if it really gets to you just act like you don't really care & he'll hate that. He and her just want to get a reaction from you,you know kinda like turning the knife?

    • Its not his ex he is with now...he is with someone else..Like his ex was the reason we had so problems. He wanted to talk to her, and I didn't want him to. He kissed a girl that he had in class with him, but he isn't with her either...its someone completely new, but it doesn't explain his behavior

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