Why is my ex (he) still contacting me?

We were together for 3 years, since we were like 13, we were immature and I was needy and needed constant reassurance. We were on and off for most of the three years. He cheated on me twice with the same girl. In the end he broke up with me because I didn't trust him. We were broken so I agreed to it. Everytine I stop talking to him he contacts me after a week or two asking why we haven't been talking. He wants to stay friends and its hard for me. He knows it. We dont have anything in common anymore so why does he continue to contact me? He acts like he doesn't care about me and is rude but then alwasy wants to "keep in touch". I even sent him a song once, love ur self by justin beiber, and he took it seriously, got angry and cut off all contact until i explained that it was just a song, not my mind. the other night i told him we couldn't be friends, he acted like he didn't care, I asked him how he could be like that and he said thats how he deals with things. We hung up and i felt horrible and cried for 30min Later that night I called him back telling him I still loved him and he just tried to make the convo sexual. Telling me im the only girl that ever gave him a full b*ner (hes disgusting and disrespectful). We got sexual fast when we started dating but never had sex. since then we have not talked. I would never date him again because im worth more than that, i just need to know why he acts the way he does.


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  • he is a dirty cheater who will end up having ONS and sleeping with lots of girls, using them, hurting them. he wants to use you again. DEFINITELY dont date him again. he has used up all of his chances.

  • Seems like he doesn't want to loose you. So still talking and he knows how you feel about him would suggest your not talking to someone else. Cut all contact. Like you said you know your worth more. Don't fall into his emotional trap


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