What will you do when you had a bad date because you couldn't cancel it?

I met this incredible guy through mutual friend. He was actually sent by my friend to help me. He went extra miles and did everything he could. He didn't charge me. He even invited me lunch. He came the awxond dy to make sure everything is ok. He started calling me and we start chatting. I was in the middle of a break up and didn't want to take his offer to take me to lunch. After two weeks I agree to meet him for dinner. He didn't call the whole day. My assumption was we will be going late at 7pm so I was out in a hot day running errands with no make up , messy hair and in jeans. He texted me sting he was in his way to pick me up and I said I am not ready. He was so disappointed so I told him to have coffee instead of dinner since I am a mess. He asked me to pick a place and I couldn't. He suggested to go for a walk on a lake. We say and talked and walked. I could see that he was trying to be a gentleman. We have been there for three hours. I saw the sparkle go away. I don't know how to fix this. when I get out of his car I told him we can have dinner some other time. He seemed uninterested and kept quiet. He was dressed up and ready. He never said he had a good time or to see me again. He didn't call me the whole day. I really want to make it upto him but I know that I screw this one bad. what should I do?


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  • Call him. Explain to him that you are sorry. That you are going through a break up. Explain that it was unclear about the time of the date. Just tell him the truth.

    • I told him about it. I told him that he didn't call me in advance to discuss the time

    • Neither did you don't blame him for that

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