Does this mean he's just settling with his now current gf?

Ok so me and my ex boyfriend had an argument we haven't dated since 7 years ago... he tells me this "I don't think i could ever trust you because everything that has happened... my cut off with you was if you had a kid that wss it for me... and while i don't love the person that i an with and for that matter i sometimes don't want to be with her she bends over backwards for me which i'e never experinced.. and he said something crap"... so i said "why are you with her if you sometimes don't wanna be with her?" ... he says "i am with her because she allows me to lead while supporting me in everything.. i feel that over time it will build a strong foundation for the future and possibly build into love. " what the heck does this mean? does he wanna be with her or not?
i was surprised he said that to me
does he want me back or wanna stay with his current gf? i'm lost lol


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  • She fits what he's looking for right now but he's not finished looking... not a nice guy by the sounds of it, no doubt his girl believe they'll get married, why else would she be so good to him.


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  • it just means as much as he cares for you in the end this girl he is with fills that void he wants and sees how he supports him and that over rules everything really however he's staying with her not because of love "yet" and is hoping it will build which should have already been established.

  • Why did you both break up?

    • shit wasn't working out lol he is annoying

    • If he is annoying, then why are you curious to know what he wants? Did YOU break up with him?

  • Sounds like a user


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