An ex boyfriend?

we broke up about 2 months ago and just started talking like 2 weeks ago but I haven't mentioned anything since the horrible break up just talk like normal friends. (while we weren't speaking he messed around with another girl) but I don't know if to mention stuff or act like I don't care? and yesterday I sent him a picture of my dog and I saying we miss you and then we were texting but he insists on me sending him sexy pictures! what should I do?


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  • You're both trying to re-open communication again and re-attempt a connection. There was a lot of pain before so it seems like you both want to move past it. Therefore, I wouldn't mention the break up or what happened because it's over and done with. Focus on the friendship and see where things go. With that in mind, you should keep things friendly and nothing more. I would not send him any sexual pics because you both are not dating. In addition, you want to exercise caution with pics and who you send them to. If you send sexual pics to the wrong person, they can be circulated to other guys and even uploaded to the Internet. It would be a colossal nightmare.

    Good luck.

    • Okay that sounds good :) but what should I say when he mentions the pictures?

      thanks soo much

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    • I am not sure of his age but you can discuss it and perhaps give him a trial period. Let him prove himself, earn your trust and show you that he can be a better boyfriend to you. If this is a risk you're willing to take then go ahead. In my experience, the guy tends to cheat again but maybe he will prove me wrong.

    • Ughh I know I reallly belive in once a cheater always a cheater but I'm so not ready to let this go, nobody has ever made me feel the way he does.

      and he's 24 and 18 so yeah..

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