He says I betrayed him?

I recently broke up with my long term-long distance boyfriend, as he had bee getting on my nerves and i had started like another person who was from my home town. Since I officially broke up with him, its been a little messy as he keeps messaging me telling me to 'fix it' and that he doesn't know what to do. So obviously i hurt him, and it hurt me too as he was my best friend. However, today he messaged me saying that i 'betrayed him'.
All i want to know is, did i betray him by liking someone else? Or is that him attempting to make me feel bad.


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  • Well you ask yourself? I mean it's super clear that you cheated on him and then like s dumb person you are you ask us that did you betray him?
    Ofcourse you did.. there is no excuse for what you did..

    • I didn't cheat on him. I cut off our relationship before anything happened. I would never, ever cheat on someone.

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    • Okay cool. So why is he saying i betrayed him

    • I think he feels betrayed... He thinks you cheated on him thats why...

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  • You called him your long distance" boyfriend" so of course he'll feel betrayed because he obviously had the impression he was your boyfriend. He must have been expecting your relationship to progress and develop over time.

    It seems like he was more serious about you than you were about him.


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  • You don't betray him, but men have big self confidence and feel really bad about things like that...
    It depends on the time of the relationship, for example I was thinking the same, we're together with my girlfriend for more than 4 years and eventually she break up with me a month and half ago, saying I 'stopped' loving you I want to have nice and fit body and to find the happiness in my life... are you supposed to stop me? I said not but my heart is into milion pieces, I'm thinking whole day about her and was commiting suicide also?
    What will be your answer within my case?


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  • If you are broke with him after you second love..
    Yes you did..

    If you broke with him first then you find another one..
    He is just jealous and feel bad but be careful don't hurt him let one man of your relative talk to him to let it go.. Or if you new one knows about him already let him face him to let him recognize that you are with another man now.


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