Would my ex take me back?

My ex is now seeing someone else. We've been split for a month in half. We are in contact because of our kids. We're usually all about our kids when we communicate. I asked her if she would go to therapy with me, and she said " I'm not ready for that, but at some point yeah" what does that really mean?


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  • it means that, she is nervous and unsure how to proceed perhaps she want from you to go after her... at least you have kids my girlfriend had an abortion with twins last year...

    • I don't know, she's been seeing someone else. she's been very distant. She hit me with the line ,
      "I love you as a person" ?

    • being into it, gotta be strong man, you should be prepared for the worst thing to see her with somebody else...

  • GIVE HER TIME. Do not be pushy.


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