After we broke up... still nothing?

so I told my ex-boyfriend... while i was breaking up with him- i told him that-

i wouldn't text him anymore since i was being annoying and also that i would like to break up with him because he's not putting any work into the relationship. Then I said that i am always here if he needs to talk ( As friends). and i ended with by the way Im not crazy lol ( to add some humor lol) .

His responce was just

"its not that dork"

What does he mean by that. ugh.


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  • he's just mean that he isn't interested anymore and why you keep texting me?
    anywhere, sorry for what happened.


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  • There must be a reason why he isn't putting any effort into the relationship if he's replying with "it's not that".. if it was me I would ignore him calling me dork clearly means he thinks your weird


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  • So you break up with him, not he right?

    • Yes I did

    • I was in simillar situation a month ago, my girlfriend break up with me we was together for more than 4 years, and I believe she never loved me...

      Let's say he feel dissapointed from you, and he doesn't want to be hurted again, I'd suggest see him outside and talk to him, saying everything you want, depends on your choice.

  • He means... "its not that dork" lol

    • yea.. but that doesn't say anything to me lol. i said more than one thing to him :/

    • It sounds like in his mind your broken up, and he feels he does not have to communicate with you any more.

  • Ha-ha ha he gives no fuckss :D

  • that he doesn't give a fuck. kudos to the guy. i bet he already seeks a new pussy to "heal his wounds".. .


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