When do you know you have moved on?

Hi. I ended the most serious relationship I've ever had about 3 months ago and we immediately stopped talking after that. I was the one who broke up, but it was due to the circumstances, not lack of love... we talked about it and my ex said that maybe we could get back together when the circumstances are right, but that we both should move on first because the circumstances won't be right for a while (we live in two different continents with 8 hours of difference and we can't see each other - we started dating before that happened). So as said, it's been three months and I do feel a lot better, I go out more and sometimes I even think that I'm really ok being single and that I'll eventually find someone else. But then suddenly, when I think I'm finally over it and that everything is back to normal, I just dream about him, think about him... he just pops back and then I'm super sad again and can't get him out of my head for a few days. I just don't know why after being great for a couple of days I feel miserable again and I end up stalking him on facebook or crying while looking at our pictures... It's really annoying too because my best friend has to put up with me telling her I'm fine, then I'm not, then I am and so on. I want it to stop!!! I know we won't get back together unless I move back home - I might not and if I do, it won't be before September. And I know that even if that happened, he might have met someone else by then, he might have moved on forever... so I really should to that too, but I think a really irrational part of me wants to wait. Do you have any suggestions?


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  • its time to move on when you have lost interest or just have that feeling that its time to see what else is out there

    • but what if one day you get the feeling that it's time to see what else is out there and then the next day you don't and you just want to be with that person?

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