"Hello, it's me...". Was there someone in your life that you loved and sometimes feel you'd want to talk to? Or just me?

I had a thing with this girl. I really loved her... It did not work out due to "external factors" that I couldn't change that much. It spiralled out of control fast and it ended with no kind of contact at all. I tried to leave a door opened for a while... No contact whatsoever since it went to dust...
I have to admit I sometimes feel like wanting to talk to her. Can't describe it. Is it just me or are there people out there feeling the same for someone they "lost"?

Nobody else wanting to share?
anyone willing to share how they feel?


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  • Yea. I miss him a lot. He would love to be back in contact as much as I would, but it's just not possible anymore.

    • How do you know he would love to be in contact? Means that you two talked after the "no contact" or how did you figure that out?
      And when you say it is not possible anymore... Are you in a relationship, engaged, married?

    • He tries to contact me. The last time we spoke, I promised him I'd contact him again but i couldn't anymore. He was upset I'd sort of left him behind and he has tried to contact me since.
      It can't happen anymore because I did something so so dumb. I had one night with my ex and he got me pregnant. We used a condom and I'm 100% sure he did it on purpose so I would get back with him. I had left him and was really considering this other guy since we had a history before and really liked each other and on paper and with our personalities it would have been a nice relationship. But i hadn't had any sex in months, was horny and drunk and I fucked up. So now I can't ever speak to that guy again because I can't be a burden on him or expect him to even accept me now with some idiot guys kid. Now I'm stuck with a guy I don't even like, just for the sake of my kid. I hate it every day and regret that night every single day. Other guy thinks I just ghosted him.

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