What does it mean when an ex is driving by your place at night?

We have been apart for a about a yr. We share a son, but he treats me like I wronged him although he broke up with me and remarried shortly after. I do not call him or entertain him, but the other week I caught him and his mom driving by my apt. at night.

Also whenver I come and pick up my son and am in a different car, he will stare and eyeball it. Now trust me, my ex hates me and when he sees me he looks at me with disgust, but I am so used to it now I don't think much of it.

However when I see him and his mom driving by and turning around and I caught them as I was taking out the garbage.


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  • To be honest he could potentially be wanting to file something against you and using any evidence he can find, which by the sounds of it doesn't sound like anything.

  • If it continues I'd notify the police so they can keep an eye out for it.

  • Being nosey! Trying to see what cars are parked, checking if lights are on...
    Strange for sure.

    • An older friend said something similar. I dont get why he would do that though. She told me that if I had a guy there to always keep the lights on. Keep in mind, I am not dating anyone so no one is ever over, but I find this really weird bc I never go to his place

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