Just found out my partner has 2 children and is still with his girlfriend whom he has a kid with, am I a bad person for leaving him for his friend?

Basically when I found out this guy I dated was just using me like a side chick, I found out he has kids one from the previous relationship and one to his relationship now. I was very upset, cried because I felt used never mind I got over it. He's only like 25 years old. Well I met his friend at an event didn't know they were best mates until I saw pictures, story cut short; I'm with his friend now and my ex partner is spreading rumours saying I'm easy and any guy can get with me, older cousins went to beat his ass.

I don't really give a shit what he or others think of me.. turns out my friends not anymore likes the guy I'm with and I just feel like I'm not good enough to be in a relationship..

I'm really happy with this guy I'm with now, ask my mums permission for him to take me out, pays for my expenses even though I already paid In advance. Unlike the asshole who hides me in the back of his car to sneak me into the camp.

yes they are both in the Army.


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  • Sorry I couldn't find were you asked a question.
    If you are asking if you deserve a relationship with the friend the answer is yes you do and you deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect that he is showing you


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