What should I do to make him come back?

I broke up with my boyfriend last year for the 3rd time and its been 2 months , we keep talking even tho where not together anymore and when I asked him if we can work things out he just say 'idk' 'you left me' I cried every night because of this im wrong and I learned from it I keep saying sorry and he just keep telling what happened before. I say I love you to him and send hearts he sometimes send hearts and I love you not in a proper way. I begged him to take me back he just said 'this is your mess you fix it on your own' I keep sending him I love you message and some of the photos to remind him of us but he doesn't say anything special on it. I need advice please I just can't take it :( I know its my fault I dont know whats my deal I think im bipolar or just moody coz I get mad on silly things :(


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  • Its obvious that you have hurt him in a bad way if he replies to you like that. I don't know what happened between you two but the fact that you have taken responsibility for your actions is admirable and I commend you for that!

    There is one thing you can try: Issue an ultimatum. Meet up with him for coffee or something and lay it all on the table. You like him, you want him back, you've taken responsibility for your actions etc. Then state that the decision to get back together is ultimately his. Tell him he needs to see if his love for you is more than his anger/disappointment. Then leave it to him. DON'T CALL OR MESSAGE UNTIL HE GETS BACK TO YOU. If there is one thing that can irritate a man is a girl that continually pesters him. So give him his space. If he does not reply to you at all, then you know that its time to move on.

    Also, getting mad on silly things does not mean that you are bipolar. And not everything is your fault. Remember that relationships are a 2 way street. Both of you have to work at it. If your ex was at fault for some things and he did not take responsibility for it, then you are not entirely at fault.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to message anytime


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  • just say sorry to him while admitting your fault, he will melt right there. Also promise and then try to not repeat those mistakes which are turn off for him. also ask him to help u in eradicating those mistakes, he will love to help u.
    Good luck :)

  • 3 times? are you one of those where everything escalates into a break up?

    annoying. be single for a significant amount of time and learn some indepedence.

  • I'd say I support your boyfriend, because my girlfriend left me a month and half ago, but without any regret at all... we're together for more than 4 years I'd say I'm completely broken now, perhaps one day I might feel better... An if in future she decide to come back what does this mean? she'll do what she wants going out on clubs, finding other boys, having fun with them and eventually if she doesn't like the current relationship she's got she will beg to come back.. really?
    It's really unfair, but it was her wish so I couldn't stop her at all...

    If you really want to do something go and meet him, talk to him be honest, remember people are acting the same way you treat them.
    Tell him how you feel and if he decide something you might still get together but dont be so pushy, good luck!

  • Give him time and space. Do not recommend giving an ultimatum, just be honest with him and do not repeat the mistakes you did before. No one is perfect, but when a girl did it to me twice, I was not sure about getting back together for the third time. I got back with her, but I was already braced for the break up again. And it happened. I felt betrayed again, but I was not sad. So if you did it to your boyfriend multiple times already, he barely has any trust for you. Like I said, give him time and space and make sure not to do any stupid crap such as trying to make him jealous to have him run back to you, because that will just send him further away. Do not play games. Do not pester him.


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