Had a dream where my ex and I were cuddling and it made me miss him?

I dated this guy for 3 months (and we were connected and played around for a couple of years total). I was so deeply in love with this guy, but everybody knew he was a piece of crap. He was a druggie and a liar and eventually he cheated on me and things just got muddy. We never really got closure I think, but we spoke shortly after breaking up. I stopped because my new boyfriend didn't like it (who can blame him?). I still think of this guy every day and every few months I have a dream about him. This one last night left me with desire for him. I went to his house (which wasn't really his house it just was in my dream) and I went up to see him and we somehow got into cuddling. I went over a day later with my fiancé and we were both kind of annoyed that he was there and couldn't cuddle, but then he left so we started cuddling again. Then he kissed me, and said something like "we can't be around each other without doing this every time." Which is very true of our relationship; we could NEVER be just friends. I'm so heavily attracted to him. I haven't said a word about this to my boyfriend, or even friends and family for that matter.


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