Why does my ex stare at me?

My ex-boyfriend and I dated for 6 months last year before he broke it off in October, because he met another girl. In the month or so leading up to the breakup, our schedules were completely different, and we didn't really have that much time to spend together anyway. He said he still wanted to "be friends", but that was not realistic for me emotionally at the time. We've had no contact since then.

A few weeks ago, he saw me in the hallway (before I saw him), and when I looked up he was staring right at me, and we held eye contact for a few seconds before I looked away. The stares have happened a few times since then (I don't see him often), once even when he was with the new girl. He stares the same way he did when he liked me before we started dating, and he never breaks eye contact first. Obviously I still have some feelings for him, although not as intensely as before.

I may just be looking for signs that aren't there, but does he possibly regret how he handled the breakup? Is he mad that I didn't want to be friends? Or is he just "acknowledging" me because he has a history with me?


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  • He loves you still... or he wants to murder you ether or.


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