Does he have the right to be mad at me?

My ex cheated on me and we broke up. had a messy break up and things ended rather badly. things cooled down and we began to hang out again. it was a total of six times, two of which I went to see him at school. the last time I went to see him, I ended up sleeping in a cold car while he went to a party because he decided he didn't want to hang out with me. then he told me he had only been using me and he had a thing with another girl and had been cheating on her the whole time we were hanging out. we didn't talk for a month and then he texted me "get out of my life. I love her and not you. get over me. im blocking you" I was mad that he said this to me, as if I had been begging for him back, so i texted his new girlfriend and told her that he had been hanging out. she blocked him on all social media. and now he is pissed at me and deleted all our pictures together and blocked me on everything. Is it not more his fault for not telling me that he had a thing with her sooner? he was the one who would ask me to hang out. was it wrong of me to tell her? when I was cheated on I didn't know for a month and I would have liked to have been told sooner instead of wasting my time.


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  • Were you wrong to do that? maybe, because you did that out of revenge and that may ruin his chance of being with that girl, so I think you also know why he was mad.
    However, chances are also that you also saved another girl from being the victim of a habitual cheater. And his behavior was just rude to you, and therefore you can also justify what you've done with these reasons.
    In short I think there's not really a right/wrong thing, just that if I were you, the only thing I'd be concerned would not that whether that was the right or wrong move, but whether what I did will cause me into trouble or not. (Like, if he made up his mind to get even with you, that would be really more troublesome.)


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