Girls, What just happened to her thought process?

Dating a girl long distance for two months. She is currently in her 2nd semester of master's school. Very stressful stuff. Everything in our relationship was going really really well. We talked every day (when we could) but knew we both had busy lives and we were both fine with that. She and I both spoke of future plans such as I could move to her or she would move to me, etc. And how we both truly were starting to fall for each other. Anyway, I fly out to her one weekend. Something seemed off pudding like she was distant. As in she was there physically but not there mentally, just not her normal self. Soooo I, not being used to seeing her in that situation, asked what was going on in her mind. She said she felt she was spread thin with school and said she didn't think she made me happy. But I told her she did make me happy. Thats when she burst into tears and said "i don't think i can do this right now". So she broke it off with me. I didn't get mad, I was just disappointed. I told her i understood. i stayed one more night. We held hands and talked some more about it. then I left and we haven't communicated since.

She said I was "perfect" and did nothing wrong and that it was just bad timing for her and us. Ladies, I am still confused about the whole situation. It was perfect at one second and than another not so much. I may be overthinking this.


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  • I think maybe she is overwhelmed with school and she honestly feels she isn't right for you. I would say give her the break, maybe when she is over school, you two can continue.


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