Ex's friend constantly bringing him up in conversations. Why?

So my ex and I have been apart for a year now to be exact. His attempts to get through to me haven't come through for about 9 months since I cut him out (radio silence) immediately after the fact to begin the healing process. This once mutual friend we have (we all work together) who took sides with him after the break up had not talked to me in a while. Just this week I met her because I had gone over to see a close friend with whom she had travelled with for a weeks workshop. However, I realized in the conversations she constantly brought him up and though not directly was trying to find out what I have been up to and what is going on in my life to which I did not say a thing. She kept making funny comments like "OMG you look so lovely, may I take a photo of you so I can show him what he is missing?" and many other weird statements to which I did not react. Could she be fishing? What do you guys think?


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