I'm confused my ex reply to my text "yes babe" please tell me what the hell you guys think, he's thinking?

My ex and have a beautiful little princess, at the time we were togerther, I depended on him, I had no family here, he was my family. we were about to get married. he cheated on me about 2 months past with a coworker. He's mom got homeless, cause she spent all her money doing her MA in sociology and without a job, I accepted her to come to our apt. She made him sees how childish and a gold digger I was, it's not like I made him spent at least $1k monthly, my budget was $50 small every freaking week. One night, he ask me for a break up, he said, he doesn't know anything about me, and they wanted to take my daughter to Canada their home country without my permission. of course I said no, I called the police to scare them off, well it work. I was homeless for 4 months and unstable. I went to court applied for Child support and applied for all benefit, most of them I got denied. we went to court he got a lawyer and I had no lawyer cause I have no money, he proposed to have full cutody he financially stable, I won the custody argument. I work my ass off to get on my feet and going back to school to continue my degree. we had been fighting for over t a year, afetr the break up, I called him names so is he, well he started 1st. He lied to me and he left my daughter with the new girlfriend from the job and telling me to call his girlfriend to go pick up my daughter, no respect uh.

okay thats the back up storry it's been a year and half.

not only he was mad at me for making him paying child support and I stand for myself, we hated each other.
I moved one, I told him please stop calling me names, and that I pardon him, we've been communicate nicely since. T oday I texted him, saying don't forget to pick up our daughter, he replied yes babe, I wait for about 2 hours and I replied, I am not your babe, and I think you intetended to send that message for someone else.&


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  • He was disloyal and was okay with you being homeless. Very bad. Who cares what he thinks. His mom is a controlling type and will NOT ever change. Until he gets a backbone she will own him. Maybe he regrets what he did now but that does not mean he has really changed. Maybe 10-15 years from now he will be different.

    • Maybe!
      Thanks for replying.

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