Ex says I was easy to fuck and that's the only reason he wanted to see me?

I broke up with my boyfriend last night simply because I couldn't stand his behavior anymore. The timing was pretty bad because he was visiting me from abroad. Now all of a sudden he said "i just wanted to fuck you for one last week, you're so easy anyway". Is it normal for guys to say stuff like this when they're hurt? Or does he have some mental illness?


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  • 1. No it isn't normal for 'normal' people to say such things
    2. This guy has a problem that he hasn't identified yet
    3. This is a way of feeling superior by breaking the other person
    4. There is nothing 'easy' about a girl that has frequent ONS with strangers either
    5. Such statements are created by those that have low self esteem themselves
    6. It' just boosts their ego breaking the other person
    7. These types are those that bully because they are kids trying to be macho that's all

    • Thank you sir, I used some parts of your response to tell him that this is exactly the reason why I broke up with him.

    • Thank you both for your kind, gracious, generous and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MHO young lady as well as for your kind words :)

      I'm glad you didn't let his shortcomings get to you but you rolled it back. Keep it up always - bless you :) <3

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  • ... maybe he meant like easy to relate to? easy to talk to? I mean, if a guy traversed a country (or continent) just to see YOU... im sure there's gotta be some kind of like in there... I won't even go to another city for anyone. So i doubt he meant like you are some whore or slut or something... and is now probably wondering why you cut him off.
    some people are just bad at communicating their thoughts...(and some are bad at deciphering them)
    Thats why i don't care about words... just actions and this guy flew from a different area for you. screw the words.

    • Considering that he said "I just wanted to fuck you" in the same breath, I'm pretty dam sure he was essentially calling her a slut. Don't be so naive.

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    • Because she broke up with him when he had just flown over to her from abroad?

    • @lumos ooop... just reread the question again... oh yea... he's butt hurt... i thought he said it BEFORE she broke up with him and she broke up with him because of the comment...
      ugh... maybe i AM prejudiced against women lol...

  • He was hurt so he lashed out... nothing really complicated here.

  • He was just trying to get back at you in a petty way.

  • I think it's rather common for exs to fuck again.

    • No I mean I broke up with him yesterday, he'd stay for another week, but he said that the only reason why he came (while we were still in a relationship) was to fuck me since I'm easy. That's pretty messed up I'd say.

    • Oh. He might actually feel that way, but my guess too is that he probably is upset. People say stuff they wouldn't say when they are upset.

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  • Yeah it's pretty normal for immature guys to lash out like that when they feel like their ego has been hurt. And usually they do attack the girl's sexuality because that's our "weak spot" according to society. Slut/whore/bitch are all common attacks.
    I wouldn't go as far as calling it a mental illness. He's just very immature and doesn't know how to control his anger or express it like an adult, instead of resorting to child-like behavior like name calling.

    • You're right, he's probably very immature, but I also think he shows elements or narcism because he tends to be quite controlling and manipulative, trying to give me a bad feelings when things don't go his way. When I told him that, he said I have a split personality.. I am so glad I broke up with this retarded idiot.

    • Yeah you did the right thing, manipulative people always want to shift the blame on you, even if your feelings are 100% valid.

  • He's hurt... That's just his pride talking

  • Yeah people say all sorts of things to make themselves feel better when their pride is hurt. Just don't talk to him anymore. Cut him off.

  • yes it's obviously because he is hurt!! he came to visit you and you broke up, he thought of the thing that could hurt you the most as a defense mechanism and said that to you... because if he wanted to be with an "easy" girl he wouldn't travel from abroad to see her...


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