Are women's emotions the reason for most divorces?

Statistics have shown for a long time that most divorces are instigated by women. One justification for this is based on the myth that the high divorce rates are a result of men cheating. But this is not true. Although some men do commit adultery, we now have an epidemic of women divorcing good men, men who have never cheated and have been good, loving husbands.

Some years ago in America there was a survey where 100 divorced women were asked why they divorced their husband. The results were quite shocking. Turns out that the majority of these women divorced their husnbands, not because of adultery or mistreatment, but for things such as, "I didn't need him anymore," or "I lost interest in him," or "I knew I would win in court."

In fact, there is a youtube video where a woman admits that the reason she divorced her husband was because "he was too nice." That's right. Because her husband treated her really good, she divorced him. Now this is just my opinion, but it seems to me that women's emotions are too fickle, unpredictable, and messed up. This is why we see time and time again women leaving good men but staying with bad men. It's common sense turned upside down.

But the biggest thing I've noticed about women is their ability to change very quickly, where a woman can be with a man for 20 years and seem like the perfect wife, then all of a sudden she turns against him and destoys his life, just like a animal turning on a woumbed animal.

What do you think?


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  • I've seen this happen, more times than I really care to count, and I can tell you what's going on in MOST of these cases: the wife needs a certain degree of dominance in her man, and she's not getting it.
    And she doesn't consciously identify that need -- or she denies it, because of how she's been brought up, behaviorally and/or politically -- so, she mischaracterizes it as "I'm bored" or, ESPECIALLY, "he's too nice".

    I mean, come on, y'all... "he's too nice" is pretty fucking easy to figure out. "I'm bored" is the more cryptic, more mysterious version.

    PLEASE read the mho comment + follow-up comment here:

    That thread is originally just about rough sex, but it's about so much more. Because it's always about so much more.



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  • Dude... women's emotions are the reason for Global Warming

    I would believe by now that you know hat women are crazy and that is literally the ONLY word to describe them. Don't get me started on the things that I've had to go through because i triggered their emotions... emotions are crazy enough but a woman's emotion has no pattern to it... its just all-over the place... and then it relates with their "needs" so thats all over the place as well... and when its "that time of the month"... i just stay in a hotel for the week :)

    • Is there any solution to this problem?

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    • Or men could just remain single and pay for escorts?

    • no pussy is worth paying for... plus thats just an easy way to catch something.
      you find yourself a woman and make them understand that you are a MAN and that if they don't respect you as such and act womanly... one day when they need you to do something MEN do, you will totally ignore the shit out of them.
      Works for me. totally fair agreement. still gotta respect them though because when you want them to act like women, it'd be nice too lol. works both ways.

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  • Yeah, but a lot of the time people notice the change in a persons attitude towards them , but fail to notice their own behaviour that made them change. I wouldn't rely on "youtube " or "statistics", because you can never see the full picture.

  • Those are really fucked up and equally stupid reasons to get divorced. Such people should never get married. They are a disgrace to the word love.

    • he's a controling freak, why did he block me... you are wrong.. you want to believe u can be boring, controling and a liar and still have a relationship

    • And this isn't towards you dominiques, its towards the manipulative questions asker

    • @tasten_honey you're a liar

  • Oh please, now realistically.. what does any of that has to do with you and your situation... your statistics are invalid when it come to divorce each marriage is different... just cause you are married, means if your unhappy stay in that marriage

    • That's my whole point. Women seem to think that they should be happy all the time, and when they realize that they can't have their cake and eat it they just get divorced. They're just too emotionally immature. That's why women will leave good men but stay with bad men.

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  • I'm pretty sure the number one reason for fights and stress in relationships is money. While the reason for divorces might be translated later into different views of success, unmet expectations, inability to resolve conflicts, getting in for the wrong reasons, etc. Most of that tension leads back to fights over finances.

  • Well... women get to take the the car, house, kids and half his shit. So obviously they initiate most divorces, since they tend to gain the most.

    • Yes but if they truly loved their husband they wouldn't get a divorce, no matter how many of his possessions she got.

    • There are times when money 'trumps' love.

  • Most divorces are due to a mutual lack of emotion.


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