Torn inbetween decisions?

I'm in 8 relationship with my boyfriend and he never does anything for me he never request to go anywhere is very often. So I wonder does he really care if I ask him to do anything he says yes but he will never do anything on his own even if he know he needs to what does this mean?


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  • 8 what? Days, month, or year? Or this current boyfriend is your 8th boyfriend?

    Regardless, this boyfriend is just lazy to make plans or tries to stay neutral.

    Try to make the plans and involve him. I know a few guys rather chill at home with their girl because they said these girls are costly (materialistic), but most women itch to do something all at once like it's the end of the world if they don't.

    Your boyfriend said he cares and all that, but probably doesn't know what you feel like doing... so he is probably just waiting on you to make the decision because if he makes the plans and you're not interested, then what's the point if you're just going to shot him down?

    • I made plans with him and he usually agrees but he never does it on his own he is a stay at home and chill guy but sometimes it's just too much not when we don't go out for a year or if we only go out 3 or 4 times in a year

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    • ... lol 3-4 times a year? Sounds super dull relationship. Can't you like do some sort of a ritual where you to just focus on each other... at least once a week... like go out to the beach or watch a movie and just spend time with each other? He can't take one day to even go out with you, then it's really pointless being in a relationship. It doesn't matter if he is focused in school work. Could you imagine if he actually works? He didn't have time for you during his school days, he definitely will not have time for you when he gets a job. Nothing wrong with being driven, but he shouldn't forget those that he holds dear in his life.

      Like me and my better half we are bombarded with work and by the time we get home we still feel like we are working because we got kids, luckily they're grown so they can manage and fend for themselves while we relax, but there are days.

    • What I am trying to say is, it takes dedication and time to build a relationship, if you are happy with this kind of lifestyle, then I wasted my time explaining. But if you are unsatisfied, you need to wake his ass up before he loses you forever or you will end up breaking up with him because your emotional needs are not being met. He might as well been better off single and you with someone else that puts you near or on top of their priority list.

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  • It means he's lazy he settled in to marriage and now thinks he doesn't have to make a effort sit down tell him how unappreciated u feel and tell him if things don't change then its over because you deserve someone who wants to spend time with you 😊

  • He sounds lazy, I was able to put up w/a guy who was similar for under a year and then I could no longer take it. I'm not talking about somewhere expensive, I'm talking about a picnic in the park or something simple. This is what you will get out of the guy regardless of moving in together, marriage or kids.


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