Guys, Broke up with married boyfriend?

I (39) was with a married man (53) for two long years after being celibate for nine.
I was introduced to him by his mom—I was her nurse. I had been celibate for 9 years and he came along. I wasn't looking for him. I don't date married men.
His mom set us up and we just connected (not only physical) but a spiritual level. I waited for him for two years but I noticed that he began treating me cold.. (breaking promises, not spending time with me, not buying me nice things on special occasions bdays etc;) so, I did what he obviously was to cowardice to do to me... I broke things off. I could tell by his actions that he was not into me anymore. Plus, he has a Facebook that he doesn't even state that he's married on. I noticed he added about five black women (he's white) to his friends list and these women live locally (they are not his friends). When I asked him about the girls he would go quiet and so I was done. I sent him a letter via fb inbox and I said I need more in my life than to be j. ust one of your MANY side chicks. I'm better than that.
I told him that I was not gonna wait for him. I left. He was playing games. I hate that I allowed myself to become vulnerable to such a foul man who lied to me and promised he was leaving her only he never did. I thought my celibacy made strong enough to know better, when it only made me weak.

I wanted so bad to hurt him the way he used me.
I wonder sometimes if all the promises he made me were true.. I wonder if he misses me. I wonder if we ever were really gonna live out our life together (like we had always talked about). He has no children with her. He was married three times. His ex wives have his children.
He text me last night and wants to be friends. Said he thinks it's sad we aren't friends. I didn't save myself nine years to be some mans side chick! I'm done with hi


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  • What he did was wrong and very messed up. He should had been more honest and upfront with you. Once a person lies it's hard to trust them.

    • I agree. I hope he finds what he's looking for. It's like he wanted a taste but forgot I came with a heart and would require more than crumbs. I wanna say I hate him. But, I can't say it. Just wish the best for us both. I'm free now. I'm no 'home wrecker' he chased me.

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    • There are you're right about that. Everything happens for many reasons

    • Yeah true things do happen for a lot of reasons. But I try to be positive about things even through rough situations.

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