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I have been texting a little bit with my ex girlfriend. We broke up about 3 months ago. I am 31, she is 34. We each have a son. We dated for about 7 months. While talking I asked if she would like to get together sometime. About an hour later she text back saying "If i meet with you, its not a guarantee that things will change. Do you understand that? But i would like to talk to you in person vs. All of these emails". What do yo think this means? Thanks!


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  • That it's a great sign :) Honestly don't force anything and take everything really relaxed. Don't bring up the past relationship unless she does. Avoid any disagreements or arguments. But most of all, relax and enjoy the time with her. Make her laugh and treat it like a first date. Go for it in other words! ;)

    • I've been on the other coast for the past week. Going back today. We still haven't set a date to meet. Should I set the date and time or wait for her?

    • Take control and set the date and time.

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