My ex & I haven't spoken since last Christmas out of no where has a new girlfriend. Is she a rebound? Does he still think of me?

he always said I was the girl he wanted to marry. He even gave me a ring stating that I was the one. Now he's in a new relationship out of no where and the girl is the complete opposite of everything he's ever been attracted too. The last time we talked he said he missed me and always would miss me. That when we broke up there'd be no missing each other. I haven't tried contacting him at all. Trying to do the NC rule but he hasn't reached out to me since Christmas and then a month ago he drunk stalked my Facebook and liked something from a year ago. Mind you we aren't even friends. Do you think she's a rebound? He misses me/still thinks about me?
He also always said I was the best thing to ever happen to him.


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  • Sounds like he's moved on lol

    • So you don't think she's a rebound? I found out they started dating a month ago and after they started dating is when he went on my Facebook. As a guy why would you go look at your ex on social media if you have a new gf?

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    • All of his previous ex gfs cheated on him and I never did. His sister even told me I was one of he best things to come into his life. We even grew up together as childhood friends. And when we dated he always said there's a reason why something brought us back together. Sorry for bothering you. I just need to talk to someone out of the situation for advice and get an opinion from a guys perspective. All my girlfriends are saying she's a rebound and that he's just tired of being alone and trying to fill the emptiness and void of not having me there anymore.

    • You have a tough road to recovery ahead of you young lady, I wish you the best.

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  • Hmmmm NC for 4 months is a pretty long time. A month usually does the trick (for future reference). Anyway if he's stalking your facebook late at night, then he isn't over you or he could be making a comparison of you to her.
    Right now the best thing you could do is make yourself feel and look amazing. Get in the best shape of your life, be happy, learn new things. Oh and is he a confident or a shy kinda guy?

    • He comes off as confident but on the inside he's extremely insecure. I as completely faithful and yet he would get extremely jealous over any guy who looked my way or even talk to me. His ex gfs all cheated on him and so he did what they did to him to me. He never physically cheated but emotionally he did. But the whole time I was honest, open, loyal and faithful. I stood there through the ugliest and darkest times of his life. And he always said I was the best thing to ever happen to him. I've been waiting to see if he'd reach out to me again and he hasn't. So that's why I think it's time for me to initiate it. We haven't spoken in almost two months

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    • I honestly felt exactly the same way when I broke up with my ex. Allow yourself to cry and feel everything. But set a limit otherwise you'll be stuck in bed all day. Keep repeating to yourself that you don't care about him. Keep yourself busy and get out of the house. Go pamper yourself and have a little bit of fun xx It's not been that long x

    • Do you think he'll eventually reach out to me? Or do you think he's trying to move on? I never really been able to see him move on move on with the way he's acted in the past.

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