Im trying to move on, but every boy I am with I end up comparing to my ex?

I was with a boy tonight and all I could think about was my ex. Everything about this new boy I compared to my ex and pointed out differences or similarities in my head. his skin is softer than my ex's, my ex was taller, my ex had thicker lips and was a better kisser, my ex had a harier chest, my ex was srawnier than this guy, my ex was circumsized and this boy was not, both boys said my butt was perfect, etc. I really want to move on from my ex, considering he cheated on me and we had a bad break up and did not end on good terms, but I always have this problem. what can I do? I dont want to be looking for my ex in other people for the rest of my life...


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  • Sadly I can relate. Over time he will fade from your mind but if you loved him at one point then you'll never forget. I don't 'compare' my girlfriend to my ex to the extent you do but I still think about her every now and again when I think of my current girlfriend. It's natural to make comparisons like that though and there's nothing wrong with it. As long as you like this new guy then there's no problem.

    • do you think he does the same even if he says he has completely moved on and doesn't have any feelings for me? he pretty much hates me lol so I can't see him doing this. I miss him though and I still have feelings :(

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    • It may have done yeah, but that's not your fault if you were like that if you still loved him. My ex was exactly the same, but she would cry at school and try and get me to talk about it with her which I just found really annoying because I broke up with her to get away from her. It doesn't sound like he's ever going to want you back though I'm afraid :/ which is why you need to move on from him. Trust me you will eventually and everything will be fine, it always is :)

    • thank you!! I just don't want him to have a bad memory of me or to always think of me as the crazy one

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  • It's easier said than done but just don't compare ! The new guy is NOT a cheater I hope so he deserves a chance to not be compared to.
    He might physically look different and personality wise to but maybe he is the one you need :)


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