Is it possible to get over being cheated on?

I have been hanging out with my boyfriend for almost two years. The first three months, I absolutely did not want a relationship. We still hung out every day and were inseparable, and he said he would wait as long as he needed to. A few days ago, I found out that during those three months he had been hooking up with several other girls.. which I can't really be mad about since I didn't want a relationship. The part that bothers me was that he had told me he wasn't doing anything like that, and I was the only one he wanted. I also found out, that every single one of those girls are people he has been talking to and hanging out with even after we were official, saying they had NEVER been more than friends. Also, for about the first 4 months we were "official", he was sexting other girls and hanging out with his ex. He claims that's as far as it went, and he never actually hooked up with them after we were official. Obviously either way I'm not ok with that. He insists that at that point in time, he hadn't been ready for a relationship and only cared about himself. He says about 6 months in, he realized he was in love with me and quit sexting these girls. He still talked to them quite a bit, however he says it was innocent after that point. This whole time I had tried to not get jealous that he was talking to them, because I believed it when he said they were only ever friends. Nothing more. Anyways, he has still been talking to them every week or so up until now. He even went so far as to change their names in his phone to guys names. I spoke with one of the girls, and her story matched up with his, she said they were strictly friends after that point. The other girls I tried to talk to freaked out on me and I couldn't get answers. I've asked a few guy friends, and they say that I should get over it and start over, because he probably lied to me about it because he didn't want to hurt me by telling me what had happened a year and a half ago.


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  • I would move on. there's a lack in trust from him. Change the names is crazy. Even if the girls became friends how come you never hang out together. Dump his ass and find a guy that will treat you right from the beginning. i can see i guy holding on to 2 girls with in the first few dates, but thats because women flake and you might have a few guys your dating when you begin but you never hold them for months or years.


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