Did he forget about me?

My ex and I were together for 3 years and he broke up with me exactly a year ago. It wasn't something that I've done, he just said that he can't commit yet and wants to be carefree. The last time he texted me was a month ago - he was sending me youtube links for songs that we used to both listen a lot. After that nothing. This is the longest we haven't talked. P. S. He is not dating anyone and he is not busy.


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  • He's moved on as should you

    • He moved on when he decided to dump me. Every dumper moves on the moment they decide to dump. I didn't asked if he moved on, I asked if he forgot about me. We're were supposed to stay friends.

    • I'm sorry but staying friends isn't a good idea or possible in the vast majority of cases. His girlfriend wouldn't be happy with him being friends with his ex and neither would you if it were reversed

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