Does he still care? I want him back?

Me and my ex split up just before Christmas.
It was a pretty bad breakup, and i haven't moved on.
He blocked me off everything and we didn't speak.
About 3 weeks ago, he left me a couple of missed calls and on Valentine's day he tried to call me twice.
The next day we were messaging and he apologized for how he treated me. We got into a heated argument via text regarding the breakup.
He then told me he is in a relationship (he isn't, as I found out through friends this is a lie) and said that I shouldn't message him anymore as she won't be happy.
Anyway to make a long story short, I called his bluff when he asked me to meet him. I said it wouldn't be fair to his "gf".
I then asked him to come for a drink the weekend and he declined.
Im fed up of these games (I know I'm playing them too in a way)
i feel like he wants me to say I miss him etc as im acting like i don't care, but so is he.
i want him back and I want to work things out with no game playing but I don't want to make a fool of myself asking either.
Can someone please give me advice?
A drake song in the making ha ha... Love it lol.
It's frustating for me. He tells me not to contact him anymore and then messges me when I don't.
I don't want to chase someone as its not my style.
I'm going to ask him once more to meet and talk, if not that's it.
I do want a healthy realtionship, and I agree with you about playing games.
It's why things broke up in the first place with him playing games with me, I'd had enough and walked alway.
The reason I refused to meet when he asked is i realised after these months apart he's still doing it... I just got fed up.
I've just sent him a message now asking him to put the games behind, and to meet xx


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  • playing games will lead you to frustration, he the one who dump you and he the one who will break your heart again if you give him that offer. sorry for that but ask yourself if you guys care about each other, then what are you doing here?

    • I left him because of the games he was playing. I became so frustrated that Id had enough of it

    • sorry for what happened. if you regret about something in the past, deal with it by forgiving yourself for what has passed, we all make mistakes, hurt, betrayed, so don't be hard on yourself because no one perfect.

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  • You need to be straight forward. What do you have to lose? You are already broken up. The games you two are playing will get you nowhere. Just maturely suggest you two give it another shot. If he declines, Walk away and officially move on. You both deserve to be happy and these games, while mildly satisfying (you get to maintain contact) are doing nobody any real good.


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  • Stop playing games! Simple! Maybe you should learn what a healthy relationship is like before you start one. You two neeed to stop with these games.