Why can't I get over him after almost a year?

Me and my ex were together for five years. We split up last year in April, and I am still thinking about him everyday. He is my first relationship, first love.

We had an argument about him meeting someone else who he claimed was just a friend. He said he didn't tell me because I would only be angry and he didn't feel the need to upset me when it was nothing. Not being told about it and him doing it anyway gave me more reason to believe there was something more going on.

I decided to end it with him - and tried to move on. After a while I decided I could get over it and work it out with him. He ignored me and wasn't interested in my change of mind.

I left him to it and got on with my life. 4 months later he began to text me telling me he still loves me and can't live without me. Due to all the confusion I didn't know what to do - I think I had full intention of getting back with him, just thought it was best to let him carry on making the effort seeing as he ignored me in the first place. Just to show him what it felt like.

The more I was responding to him by letting him take me out again and meeting him, the more he doesn't seem interested anymore. He doesn't text or ring anymore... how can he go from contacting me and telling me he loves me and wants me back to completely nothing?

I just feel so rejected and useless. Its like the tables have turned again and its me doing the chasing again.

I don't know where to go from here? we haven't spoke for almost a fortnight and the last words we had was an argument about his sudden horrible attitude towards me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Everyone feels its love, I did too but what you have going on right now is not love but an attachment or desire. you want to make him urs and be with him forever. This is not what true love is...true love is letting go. After 3 girls in my life I hav finally realised this with the 3rd girl who I can say I love truly now, even after being turned down. whether its a realtionship or unrequitted love the problem is the same.

    you don't find love from another person...you find love within yourself. when you find love within you then you find someone in the world outside to express this to...not the other way around. Its easy to say you have to move on but you have to move on having learnt something from ur relationship...if you don't learn you will open yourself up to the same situation once again in the future. So don't feel as if ur ex is the source of love in your life...your source of love is within you, in ur inner self. find that and you will be happy and thankful to your ex even if right now you feel he is hurting you.


What Girls Said 1

  • The relationship you once had with your ex is now over. You don't need to put up with anymore drama from him. You are free to be with whoever you want and to do whatever you want. You really need to go out live and enjoy your life girl. You say he was your first love and first relationship but I'm pretty sure he won't be your last because their are plenty of other guys out there just waiting for you to give them a chance.


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