I texted my ex for the first time in two months last night. Why hasn't he responded?

We haven't spoken in two months and each time he started it. The last thing he said was he missed me and always would. He started dating this girl a month ago but a week into their relationship I caught him on my Facebook.

I sent him a happy memory text last night. Mind you I haven't texted him once, blown up his phone, stalked his Facebook. Nothing. I've left him alone.

Its not because he has a new girlfriend that I texted him. Before I even knew about her, I've always wanted him back. He was my best friend. We grew up in the same neighborhood and everything.

I never wanted our relationship to end. It just happened. The worst part is it was all through text. He broke my heart so many times and I stood there and loved him anyways.

Why wouldn't he respond? Is he trying to punish me? Does he simply not care? Guys if you had a girl who bent over backwards for you and she hits you up after a while, would you or would you not respond? Why?


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  • Probably he doesn't know what to say. If he's in a relationship now, it may be weird to be discussing with you about all the happy memories you had, even if they wee beautiful.

    • I think so too. I just found it odd one night he was creeping on my Facebook. It was a week into their relationship. He liked something I posted the beginning of last year. So he really had to look and scroll through my stuff.

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  • Some people want a clean slate and feel it is better to cut all contact with an ex and move on. I would not try to stay in contact with an ex. It just creates problems like conflict of interest and jealousy for new relationships.

    • When we were still together his previous exs would contact him and he would get really shitty with them (they cheated on him) I never cheated or wronged him. I was what you called "the girl you marry" (his words)

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    • Even though it was the one girl you gave a ring to and claimed you'd marry her?

    • Yes, because for what ever reason the relationship did not work out and now I am seeing someone else. For the sakes of my new relationship, I do not keep in contact with ex's because my new girlfriend doesn't like it.

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