Is he cat fishing me?

Okay we was seeing each other for a long time but it finished on bad terms anyway I signed up to a dating site to help my friend with something. Anyway a really good looking man starts messenging me ( which he is way to good looking to be on a dating site, so I'm presuming it's a fake account anyway but I know there's a lot of catfish about ) First thing he said was hot pics you good babe and this man I was seeing talk the same way then he went on to say he fed up with girls liking black me as the next sentence (which I found very weird as the man I was seeing constantly moaned at me about black men because he new I liked them and had slept with black men ) then he goes one abit. And he use to accuse me of having a 3 sum while we was seeing each other , he knows I did before we met but he thought it was while I was seeing him ) and then this random person started asking me if I had a 3 sum before. Anyway he then went off line about 10 (which the man I was seeing would stop talking about then) and then this man on dating site read my message at 630 but hasn't replied yet (the time the man I was seeing gets up at 630 ) and he hasn't been online yet which I'm guessing he will message about 8 (the man I was seeing use to read my messages early and reply about 8 ) but they both seem to use the same wording and everything , they speak the same and use the same emojis in the same places. Eg: (man I was seeing ( looks hot babe 😍 Where is...) man on dating site (that's cool you look hot 😍 You just on...) am I looking into this or does it sound like he is catfishing me?


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  • its possible the best way to find out is ask to Skype call, or voice call.


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