I can't see myself marrying anyone but my ex but he wants nothing to do with me?

He hates me and blocked me on all social media. says things are done for good and we will never get back together. we used to talk about marriage and our future, he said i was the love of his life and hed never find another like me. but he cheated and dumped me and had sex with another girl a week after. he said we could get back together eventually but i was clingy and he got annoyed. once i cooled down he used me for sex and lead me to think he loved me still but told me he had no feelings and was only using me. he also said he had been cheating on his current girlfriend with me for the past couple months. i still love him so much and want to get married what can I do?


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  • You have to let him go. Find other things to take your mind off it. Focus on yourself. There will be another guy and you deserve someone better.


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  • Let it go! You may not believe it now but there's someone for you thats better than your EX


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