When will this hurt end , why is getting worse instead of better?

I stopped talking to a man I had feelings for we was seeing each other along time. But when we first stopped talking I was fine and now it been 7 weeks I feel so badly hurt , why is it like this? Shouldn't it be the other way round?


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  • I'm right there with you except it's been 4 months. And I'm ten times more depressed than I was initially. Part of which is I found out he moved on to a new relationship 3 months after our two year relationship ended. And part of me has been waiting for him to come back.

    • Why is it getting worse? I have been trying so hard to forget this man but the more time goes one the more it hurts

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    • That's not true as I was in a relationship for four years and had a child with the man I got over it in a week not even that , he moved in with the neighbour who he was cheating with 2 days after I left him haha, this man it hurts a lot more we was seeing each other a year but we was talking four years but it's the way the relationship was I think. It wasn't like a normal one there was a lot of drama I think this is why I could miss it

    • That's how it was with my daughters father. Though I felt bad because I messed up. The pain wasn't nearly half as bad as it with my ex. It's odd. I was with my daughters father for three years and my ex a little shy of two. But I felt like I loved my ex more than I ever did my daughters father.

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