We dated for two years it was a very serious and intense relationship. 3 months later he's in a new relationship. They've been together for a month. A week into their new relationship I caught him creeping on my Facebook. I miss him dearly and still love him. We haven't spoken in two months and I reached out to him last night for the first time to get no response. Is the new girl a rebound?


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  • In order for you to heal, stop caring about what is going on in his life. Hoping his relationship is crappy isn't going to help you in any way. Do what you need to do in life and just move on. I know how painful it is, I just got out of my 1st serious relationship and I know how painful it is to be replaced, but I don't have anything to do w/him and at the moment I don't know what is going on in his life, I plan on keeping it that way.

    • Oh I'm not intruding in on his life. I don't even check his Facebook. My moms actually the one that told me about his new relationship. I talked to a girlfriend of mine and she said it was a rebound. That he was trying to fill the emptiness and void. That he's tired of being alone. I've basically left him alone altogether. I watched a movie we saw together and it made me think of a happier memory between us. So that's what I texted him. The first time I've reached out to him since our split.

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    • Believe me I was pissed when she told me because I've told her more than once I didn't want to know anything going on with him. I mean some pretty close family and friends he's still friends with. My family adored him and his family especially his sister loved me. It just kinda took me back down a deep dark path because deep down I still love him and wish he was pulling in my driveway again. And I don't know what to do about that.

    • Its hurts like heck when the person you loved ends up w/someone else. I felt that way too, though I don't know what is going on w/him, who he is seeing etc. This used to tear me apart, thinking of the man I loved w/another woman. Then again I think of why I broke up, he never treated me like the treasure he claimed I was and treated me like a convenience instead of a priority. Keep drumming it into your head why he wouldn't make for a good life partner.

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