When do you know its time to cut someone out of your life?

I have known my ex for 4 years, we dated for about 2 years and have been friends for 2 years after the break up. We were really close when we dated and had come to be close again some time after the break up. But lately he has become someone who I am not sure I want in my life anymore.

My problem is he is a very negative person. He always was and I believe always will be. Since we met, he was never someone who gave compliments, he only criticized. He always pointed out flaws and always expected negative results from every situation. I like to think of myself as a positive person, and for the longest time I was able ignore his negativity and just made jokes whenever he criticized me or told me I couldn't do something. But in the last year I have had a lot of bad luck money wise, health wise, family wise etc. These things have started to make me bitter and I have started to develop a more negative outlook on life.

While my ex has tried to help me out during my low moments, he still managed to be negative by making comments about how I put myself in these situations and made bad choices that lead to them. I know I have made mistakes, but being told all the time that everything is my fault is really starting to effect me and its hurtful.

I am graduating this year with an MSc and am applying all the time for jobs. My ex keeps telling me I won't get any of the positions so I shouldn't waste my time applying. This is a really critical time in my life and I really want to keep a positive attitude. I had a huge fight with him about this and it doesn't seem his negativity is going away.

I am now wrestling with the decision to cut him out of my life, or try to work things out. When do you know if you should cut someone out of your life? Has anyone ever had a friend like this?


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  • cut him out. when someone is adding more negativity and dragging you down then they aren't a real friend. these are the kind of people who drag you down to their mindset. you said that you are a positive person but this past year you have gradually become more negative. this can be attributed to the people you have around you. your life is what you make it, I think it is better to have people around you that are positive and uplifting not someone who makes you feel bad. you are not being harsh by doing the best thing for you. the only person who is gonna take care of you 100% is you so let the dead weight go if he is that bad


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  • When you lose more than you gain and it's a struggle to keep it together sometimes it's better to let it fall apart.


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  • Do what's best for you!

    Only you can decide whether you personally want to cut someone out of your life. You can be told what to do by many people and you may or may not take their advice to the fullest, but do understand that this is your own choice because reality is your the one whose not going to be dealing with this person anymore not us.

    • I think is for the best, its just hard because I've known him so long and it seems like such a harsh thing to do to someone.

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