The guy I was seeing with suddenly stopped texting, what do I do?

So back a few weeks ago I met a guy online who was really sweet, respectful and kind to me. I wasn't really expecting to like a guy online cause I just never thought you like someone online. However, we discovered we had things in common and weeks later we were texting 24/7 and we got to know each other very well.

Our texts were normal, we genuinely liked each other and we enjoyed talking about each other's interests and so on. He kept saying how he really think it could work out between us and how much he loved talking to me. But one night we were having adult fun and we sent each other nudes but I only sent ones without my face in them. It was just one night, then afterwards we just continued talking normally for another week or so, no breaks in the texting whatsoever. We really wanted to talk face to face to plan our date over Skype.

He said he'd text me when he arrived home and everything seemed normal but then he didn't answer any of my texts or anything which was insanely out of his character to do that.

Should I be concerned with the nudes I sent to him even though my face was excluded and why do you think he stopped texting back? Any sort of advice would help, thank you!


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  • dont worry carry on with yr life


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  • I don't think you should be concerned to be honest, there are many assholes out there but you haven't been a bitch or anything to him. I would try to move on because you don't want to give anyone more attention than they give you.

    • Thank you so much, I'm basically over it but it was insanely out of his character to do it too. Plus, he was the one suggesting to meet up and everything he didn't seem the type, Im just concerned about the pictures to be completely honest.

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