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My ex is seeing someone else, and she finally told me there together, and we've been broken up two months. I told her Im seeing someone else, I wanted to make sure she was sure about her situation before I told her. But the woman and I are just friends and hook up occasionally. But she replied and said im the guy she thought I was because, I'm seeing someone now, after she moved on? Someone please share some insight on this dilemma I'm having.


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  • Odds are she isn't moved on. She probably wanted to make you jealous and when you told her that it probably hurt her. This is from experience that I've had/still having. My ex and I split up 4 months ago after two years. Three months after the break up he started dating this girl. They've been together for a month. Last night I reached out to him for the first time in two months and he didn't respond. I figured he would have told me he had a new girlfriend and to leave him alone which I would totally respect. Females come off as confusing but odds are she isn't over you at all and the new guy is probably a rebound.


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