Silent treatment breakup, bruised ego and self confidence?

So my boyfriend of 3 months did the slow fade thing. He said things were stressful and busy for him and he ignored me for 4 days. I tried asking him to call me but he ignored my messages. We ended up fighting and him ignoring me more. I finally asked him if it was over and he never responded. So I texted him saying I'll assume it's over and move on with my life. Thanks for your time and have a nice life. Again no response.

It's been 2 days since. I'm deeply saddened by this. Like I'm so irrelevant to him that he just ignores me. Why did he just disappear like that?

I'm just starting to feel so bad about myself, like I'm not worthy of anyone. I keep thinking of revenge but I know it's pointless.

How can I move on and heal from this? My mind is still reeling.


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  • sorry for what you've been through. don't be sad because the relationship didn't work, be happy because that relationship end up before too late. what happened it doesn't mean you aren't worthy (you won't know your value unless you love yourself), it just mean that "you're really amazing, but unfortunately he didn't notice you yet.

    Don't let what happened change the way you look at yourself, everything happens for a reason and not because you're (not worthy), but life gave you a valuable lesson, a chance to discover yourself and discover people more. so don't worry, hope born from pain, hope bring happiness, and happiness make you see what others can't see. in this world there's a great things waiting for you to happen, but you don't know about it yet (that's why everything happens for a reason).

    forgive yourself, live your life, be best friend at all to yourself cuz you still deserves the best.

    Good luck...


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  • Sadly I'm still trying to figure the moving on part. I know you feel. It sucks not getting answers.


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