How can I know to get my ex boyfriend back or not?

My ex boyfriend and I had been together for 2 years and 5 months. He broke it off with me 6 days ago, I know it's to soon to know for sure I'm just confused right now. Sunday he came by my house to drop off my stuff, he asked me how I was, he complimented me saying I look nice and he was the first one to say hi. Me I was trying a technique that might've helped me get him back, but he took the rug from under me. He tried to talk to me like nothing happened and showing no emotions, that's what I was trying to do to him. And lastly I find a Facebook post he posted up song lyrics that are about the break up went through, I found it mean and hurtful. Lastly the same night we broke up he starting putting himself on a dating site and taking down all of our pictures on his Facebook profile. By Saturday everything of us was down from his Facebook profile


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    There isn't no going back. Everything that he is doing seems normal and what is in line with breaking up. It shows finality and that he is over and done with you. You should do the same instead of trying failed technique to get a person back.


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