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So I am hurt I like this guy we been flirting for a while. He has seen me naked and I have seen him. Everything has been mainly about sexual stuff. I like him so much he is younger then me by 5 years. But he told me he doesn't love me now. He misses me everyday but is in love with someone eles. It broke my heart I was speechless. I haven't spoke to him ever since. I know I can't be with him he lives so far. But I miss him and just want to cry. He even said he loved me and now I see it was a lie.


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  • you're older you should know better and if he likes someone else then he does not have room to think of you.
    guys in their begin 20's aren't really mentally mature abd committed yet most of them.
    Try dating someone around your age or older.

    • Thanks for your advice

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    • Thank you for opening my eyes up.

    • you're welcome ! from my experience I know younger men begin 20 are just still teenagers who still want to "try out" ... the older guys have more experience and usually don't go for just flings but a longterm relationship :)

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  • Okay look, it wasn't a lie. Those feelings he had for you up to that point were real, just sometimes people realize that they still have very strong feelings for someone else too.

    I know how it has felt on both ends, and the fact of the matter is the best thing you can do for yourself is break off contact and move on. And it'll feel like you're on withdrawal but it's all worth it.

    It's clear that he's still attracted to you, and he still has feelings for you, but how this seems to have played out, he seems to still be in love with an old lover. You can't control his feelings.

    Here's how I get through this stuff, I break the contact (including social media) and just tell myself that if it's meant to be, it'll be; but if not, then that's okay because there will be someone perfect for me.

    But let me be clear, this is my response if you two were dating. But how you put it you described it as being a fling but you told each other you loved each other? Could you be a little more specific? Like was this just a fling and he told you he loved you while having sex? That kind of love is from a different part of the brain from romantic love for some people.

    Best of luck :) Reply and I'll be sure to reply back!


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