How can I beat the cravings to cheat?

I'm in a 4 year relationship and I cannot stop cheating my bf. Cheating is so much a part of me that it is hard to stop, I've slept around on every boyfriend I've had. What should I do? How do I fight the cravings to sleep with another man? Please no smart comments, this is a serious issue.


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  • I say what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If getting sex from all quarters is the only thing that satisfies you, then you should continue to get sex from all quarters. If your boyfriend is the jealous type, well he can either focus that passion on trying to keep you satisfied, or go off in a huff.

    Anyway there is no use trying to fight your cravings. You'll slip up every time. Better to accept that part of yourself that loves sex with different guys, which is not something you should ever give up! It's the best part of you, if you ask me.


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  • I don't think, no; I KNOW polygamy isn't part of a healthy relationship.

    4 year relationship..sounds like a really good relationship to me

    are you happy with him? if yes, then you should change your ways

    i don't know what cjwright is talking about, but sure, if you're not serious about your relationship, go ahead eff' around with other men and women

    it seems that you are though.

    "i cannot stop cheating on my bf"

    so you've already cheated on him?

    sorry to say, I don't know why is he still with you

    if I were him, I wouldve left your ass the first time you did it.

    a relationship is something between you and another person, not you and many other people

    Love is hard to find now a days, and when you find it, you should embrace it and cherish it

    but hey, I think the world is pretty f***ed up now, so he'll maybe even accept your ways.

    thats unacceptable to me though. :)


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  • well what you need to ask yourself is what's causing you to cheat is there something laking?because when you feel complete with someone it should be pretty easy not to cheat and make the right choice!maybe your not ready to settle down!i cheated on my boyfriend when I was going threw a lot of problems and trust me when he found out it wasn't fun .i feel extreme regret and he doesn't even no if we are going to last!so ask yourself is this worth loosing my 4 year relationship!?if so maybe he isn't the one for you

  • I think you would want some smart advice. So what compels you to cheat?

    • "smart" slang for rude.

      I was diagnosed a sex addict in the past.

    • Then it isn't really your fault. So, you probably shouldn't be in a relationship until you have it fixed.

  • break up with your boyfriend and enjoy your random hooks up/f*ck buddies as a single woman


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