My ex was my best friend and now she won't even talk to me?

I feel lost without her. She was my best friend I told her everything. When I'm happy the first thing I want to do is share it with her. When I'm sad the first thing I want to do is share it with her. We talked non stop for 6 years I thought we were inseparable.

But she dumped me. And it's whatever I deserved that I took her for granted. But now she won't even speak to me? I text her for like a week straight and she won't respond? I know she gets my messages because she'll send back one of those automatic responses saying she's busy.

I don't know what to do. I don't even feel comfortable talking to anyone else. And I don't understand why she's acting like this. I was always there for her when she needed someone to lean on. I would still be here if she called now. I miss her.


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  • I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL!!! She wants to move on though, I think that's what happened. If you broke up kind of out of the blue or because she was upset, you should wait about 30-45 days without talking. She'll be calmer after that. During that time focus on yourself, do as much as you can to be "ok" without her. Hang out with people even if you don't feel comfortable at first. Talk to her after those 30-45 days saying something like "hey I just watched this show we usually watched together and it reminded me of you. I hope everything is ok :)" she can reply in many different ways and I guess you're going to have to go step by step. If she starts talking to you again after that 1st message, great! but don't be too eager. If she responds in a "meh" kind of way, just way a couple more weeks and send her another message like that one, for example saying "I ran into --- the other day and you won't believe how different he looks" (something like that) she'll - again - respond in 2 different ways and based on that you can text her random stuff around once a week to see how she reacts. You can also ask "what was the name of that restaurant we went to that you liked so much" and when she replies you can say something like "thanks! I remember how delicious the fries were, I wanted to them again!", etc. If she keeps being distant after 5 of those messages, you can either give up or wait until her birthday or a holiday to wish them a happy day and then try to catch up. She might just say please leave me alone at some point and I guess that's when you'll definitely have to give up... there's a site called ex girlfriend recovery that will teach you more.

    On the other hand, if you don't want her back, you could just ask to be friends (also in about 45 days at least) and if she says she doesn't want to... move on. I'm sure you'll make new friends

  • Try the no contact thing. It'll get to her. She'll start to wonder why you aren't reaching out to her. Kinda in the same situation but it's way worse than that. Just don't contact her for a while. I know it'll be hard but trust me it'll get to her.

    • how is it going for you?

    • (the no contact thing)

    • @JessLamb well before we officially split up he would lose his mind. After we broke up he'd reach out every now and then. I kinda shot myself in the foot the last time we spoke. He told me he missed me and always would. I said I was going to forgive and forget him. A month later he's in this new relationship. (Last month) After two months of silence I tried reaching out to him with a happy memory and got no response. Although I did find out that a week into their relationship he was creeping on my Facebook and liked something I posted a year ago. We aren't even friends.

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