Heartbroken and depressed what's good to ease the pain?


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  • It varies for everyone trust me. But here are some tips people have told me:

    - Exercise, distract yourself physically (doesn't really work for me)
    - Rebound, but realize that what you have with someone else will be different from what you had with your old partner
    - Make some new friends, be social, get yourself out there. Get with a new group of people, but not a bad group.
    - When you're ready to let go, block him from all social media, remove all gifts out of eyesight, delete photos or move them off your phone to somewhere safe (to keep the memories)
    - For me, I don't like being mentally bored, because that causes my mind to drift. Maybe do some work, pick up a new hobby, read a few books, watch some movies.
    - Cry, cry and cry. If you can't try watching that "Extra gum" commercial about falling in love. Crying actually makes you feel better.
    - And finally, what I tell myself: "If it's meant to be it'll be, but if it's not meant to be then that's okay because there is someone out there who is perfect for me".

    Also do what other people suggest to do! They all have good opinions too :)

    Best of luck, it'll get better I promise :)


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  • doing things u like passion / hobby by that you'll connect with people that share same interest and maybe create opportunities to meet interesting people ! :)


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  • Getting hammered helps me to stop thinking about shit. Plus everything becomes a lot funnier.

    Seriously I don't recommend going down that road, but if nothing else is working it could make you forget where your gun is.

    • Yeah I tried that. I actually drank a lot for a girl my height and size. I was to the point where I could drink and 18 pack and take shots. I never got sick but I got to the point where I had to stop. So I stopped drinking and smoking altogether. At first it's great but after awhile you actually become even more depressed.

    • Whoops. You become depressed from drinking is what I meant* sorry

  • Heya!
    Sorry to hear that your going through a tough time. Punching bag? yeah that sounds cool. :)

  • Laying in bed for 3 days watching Netflix. Haven't eaten since Saturday. So right there with you.


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