Why did my ex boyfriend get mad that I didn't want to be friends?

we've dated for 5 years and broke up for about a month and a half. i was the one who wanted the split. He suggested being "best friends" still. We ate dinner the other night just to catch up and he was sending me mixed signals the whole night but also kept saying he just wants to be friends for now. After dinner I told him I don't think this can work out and that I don't think we can be friends before I could even finish my sentence he got really upset and walked away. I didn't want the night to end up on a bad note so I told him I will be his friend... but I'm completely doing the no contact thing right now... because while we were broken up we still text here and there... can any guys give me insight on why he would be so upset that I don't want to be his friend for now? It's too hard for me...


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  • seems like he doesn't want to let go of you fully yet. this isn't your problem. trying to help him may create more confusion for the both of you

  • Because he still loves you it's obvious... it's not about being his "friend" ... he doesn't want to lose you.. so being a friend is a kind of little connection he still has with you.


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